Restricted visiting

Important information: Visiting arrangements on our adult inpatient wards - updated 27.01.2023

From Friday 27 January visiting arrangements on our adult inpatient wards are been revised. 
Following a review of our infection prevention and control guidance, we are now allowing two visitors to visit their loved ones at the bedside for up to two hours per day.
In order to maintain patient and public / visitor safety; visiting will be subject to the ward not having any active cases of infections that could be passed on. This local guidance could change at any time at short notice.
This change is as a result of us continually monitoring infection rates in the hospital and locally.
Patients attending outpatient appointments can bring one adult to accompany them, however we would ask patients who are able to attend alone, to please do so.
Visitors and staff must continue with mask wearing and infection control guidance.
The hospitals’ infection prevention and control guidance to the public includes:
  • Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or feeling otherwise unwell must not visit.
  • Do not visit if a member of your household has tested positive for COVID-19 or flu
  • Visitors, parents, guardians, siblings will be asked to wear a surgical facemask to visit our wards – including the Emergency Department
  • Symptom /wellness checks will be completed on arrival in our wards
  • Please continue to wash your hands regularly before, during, and after, attending hospital and follow staff instructions relevant to the area being attended.
Other actions local people can take to support their hospitals at this difficult time include:
  • Please continue to wash your hands regularly before, during, and after, attending hospital and follow staff instructions relevant to the area being attended.
  • Only going to A&E where this is absolutely necessary and using alternatives such as GP telephone appointments, pharmacies, Corby Urgent Care Centre or NHS 111.
  • Don’t unnecessarily accompany someone to hospital unless your presence is vital for their safety. We have limited socially distanced waiting facilities and cannot allow these to become unnecessarily crowded
  • Please attend your appointments on time – but not too much before time. If you arrive too early, you will be making waiting areas more crowded than they need to be.

Maps - including ward and departments

Here you can find a road map showing the entrances to the KGH site along with a ward and department locator and area map.
When you arrive at Kettering General Hospital, you can enter the hospital at various points, as marked on KGH site map. Please be aware that restrictions are in placed at some entrances out of hours; evenings and weekends.
With the exception of manned entrances, all other entrances to the main hospital are only open during weekdays from 7am and are closed at 7pm.  These will also be closed all over the weekend, this includes the Rothwell Road entrance (Area A) and the entrance adjacent to Car park D (Area C).
The manned entrances are open 24/7 and can be found at the Emergency Department (Area B), Main Reception (Area D), Outpatients (Area B) and Rockingham Wing (Area E).
The Treatment Centre is open daily between 7am-7pm
Printable Maps:
How to find KGH - a road map
KGH Site Map - locating car parks, wards and departments
KGH ward and department plan - locating wards and departments
Dermatology Department - Prospect House, Lower Street, Kettering, NN16 8DN

Visiting hours may vary on each ward. Please contact the ward your relative is on to ask about their visiting times.


Telephone numbers:
01536 492345 (Reception)
01536 491291 (Minor injuries)

Antenatal and Newborn Screening

Telephone numbers:

01536 492917
01536 493729

Ashton Ward (Treatment Centre)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492764 (Mon-Fri office hours) 01536 493239
Find out more about Ashton Ward

Barnwell B Ward (Trauma and Orthopedic)

Telephone number:
01536 491700

Barnwell C Ward (Trauma and Orthopedic)

Telephone number:
01536 492795

Cardiac Centre

Telephone numbers:
Reception: 01536 491344
Ward: 01536 491412 or 01536 491348
Find out more about the Cardiac Centre

Clifford Ward (Medical Short Stay Unit)

Telephone numbers:
01536 491503 or 01536 491502

Cranford Ward (General Medical)

Telephone number:
01536 492271 and 01536 492273
Find out more about Cranford Ward

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492761

Deene Acute Surgical Unit (DASU)

Telephone numbers:

01536 492791 and 01536 493569

Patient and relative number:

Deene B Ward (Emergency Surgical)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492780 or 01536 492786
Find out more about Deene B Ward

Digestive Diseases Unit (DDU)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492729, 01536 492763, 01536 492782, 01536 493198

Discharge Lounge

Telephone number:
01536 491219
Find out more about the Discharge Lounge

Geddington Ward (Short Stay Surgical)

Telephone number:
Find out more about Geddington Ward

Harrowden A Ward

Telephone number:
01536 492814

Harrowden C Ward

Telephone numbers:
01536 491487
01536 491287

HC Pretty A (Female Endocrinology and General Medicine)

Telephone number:
01536 492431, 01536 491389 or 01536 492213
Find out more about HC Pretty Wards

HC Pretty B Ward (Male Endocrinology and General Medicine)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492433 or 01536 492218
Find out more about HC Pretty Wards

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / High Dependency Unit (HDU)

Telephone number:
01536 492760 or 01536 492824
ICU Annex - 01536 493264 or 01536 492442

Labour Ward

1 birth partner of patient's choice only.
No visiting to Post and Antenatal wards.
Telephone numbers:
01536 492879 or 01536 492878
Find out more about our Maternity Services

Lamport Ward (Male care of the elderly)

Telephone number:
01536 492241

Lilford Ward (Haematology)

Telephone number:
01536 492834
Find out more about Lilford Ward

Middleton Assessment Unit (MAU)

Telephone number:
01536 492032

Naseby A Ward (Female)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492040 or 01536 491248

Naseby B Ward (Male)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492041 

Kettering Local Neonatal Unit

Visiting times:

Parents only, 24 hour access to the unit

Telephone number:
01536 492882
Find out more about Kettering Local Neonatal Unit

Oakley Ward (step down of the Coronary Care)

Telephone number:
01536 492761

Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) (Children's)

Visiting times:
Open 24 hours, one parent/guardian only.
Strictly no siblings.
Telephone numbers:
01536 492549
01536 491520 or
01536 492550

Poplar Ward

Telephone number:
01536 492913

Rowan Ward (Maternity Ward)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492907
01536 492963 (postnatal)
01536 492914 (antenatal)
Find out more about Maternity Services

Sir Thomas Moore Ward

Telephone numbers:
01536 493050
01536 493051

Skylark Ward (Paediatrics/Children's)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492291
Find out more about Skylark Ward

Spencer Ward (Day case for eye procedures)

Opening hours:
7.30am - 8.00pm
Telephone numbers:
01536 492153 or 01536 493538

Twywell Ward (Female care of the elderly)

Telephone number:
01536 492251