Discharge Lounge

Discharge Lounge
The Discharge Lounge is open from 08:00 - 20:00 seven days a week.
The Discharge Lounge is a comfortable environment for patients who have been discharged from the ward areas and still awaiting medication, discharge documents and transport. The Discharge Lounge has ten chairs and four beds, one of which is in a side room.
During very busy times in the Trust the Discharge Lounge can be opened overnight as an escalation area for patients that are going home the following day. When the lounge is opened as an escalation area there are a maximum of seven beds moved into the lounge and the patients are cared for by two trained nurses overnight.
The Discharge lounge sits under the Medical Division of the trust although we do accommodate patients Trust Wide.
The purpose of the Discharge Lounge is to move the patients who are medically fit for discharge from the acute wards to the Lounge to create capacity and flow for the acute patients in the Trust who are awaiting a bed.

Our Team

The Discharge Lounge is staffed with two Trained Nurses who are based in the Lounge and three Health Care Assistants and a Porter who will go to the ward and transfer the patients to the Lounge.
The Discharge Lounge has a pharmacist Technician from 09:30-17:00 Monday-Fridays to assist with ordering, dispensing, checking and educating patients with medication.

Information for patients

You will be cared for by Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants who will assist you with any needs you have until you are discharged. You will also be offered hot/cold drinks, snacks and hot meals during your stay in the Discharge Lounge.
You will be kept up to date with your discharge or if there are any delays by the Discharge Lounge staff. Medication waiting times can be up to two hours from when your medication has been ordered.


It is often quicker if you have a relative or friend who can collect you. Staff will inform your relatives/friends when you have been moved to the Discharge Lounge. Once you have everything you need for your discharge your relative/friend can collect you. If you meet the criteria for hospital transport this will be booked for you. Once you have all of your medication and discharge documents the transport provider will be made aware that you are ready for collection. Please be aware that there is a two and a half hour window from when you are made ready, to when you are collected. Please note collection times can change subject to Ambulance availability.
During your stay in the Discharge Lounge you will be responsible for your own valuables and belongings.

Information for Visitors

Please ensure patients only have essential belongings with them during their stay.
If you know your relative/friend is due for discharge please ensure they have appropriate clothing to be discharged in especially through the winter months.
If your relative/friend is being transported home by hospital transport please ensure that they have access to their property or that there is somebody at home to greet them.
If you are collecting your relative or friend from the Discharge lounge there is designated parking spaces outside the Discharge Lounge which are free of charge and easily accessible from the Lounge.