Important information: The use of face coverings and gloves when coming to into hospital

People infected with COVID-19 can have very mild or no respiratory symptoms (asymptomatic) and can transmit the virus to others without being aware of it.
Following recommend recommendations from the World Health organisation, and in line with UK government guidance, we're introducing new measures at KGH to keep visitors, patients and staff safe. From Monday 15 June 2020 you will need to wear a face covering at all times inside our hospital. Find out more

Please remove your gloves - Good hand hygiene is one of the keys to defeating Coronavirus

  • If you are wearing gloves when attending our clinics you will be asked to remove them
  • We will ask that you wash your hands with soap or sanitiser
  • You may sanitise your hands and reapply your gloves before you leave

Service Provision during Coronavirus

We are working hard to reopen services that were paused to allow our staff to redirect their efforts on caring for people affected by Covid-19.

As we restart some planned operations, you will receive a letter from the hospital with the date of your procedure together with any instructions you need to follow.

Please read carefully and follow the guidance. Read more about our plans to reopen services

Changes you might see when coming into KGH

There have been a number of changes to how we work. We want to show you some of the changes you might see on-site through a short video.
The changes are there to promote the continuous safety of our staff, patients and community.
Changes you might see include:
  • Social distancing stickers on the floor
  • Perspex screens around our reception areas
  • Fewer chairs to promote social distancing
  • Sanitising stations
  • Temperature testing at maternity

Information for Patients and Visitors

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