Restricted visiting

Visiting arrangements for adult and children’s wards

Visiting restrictions have been partially lifted as Covid-19 cases stabilise in Northamptonshire.
We will start to allow some booked visiting while maintaining existing arrangements for maternity, end-of-life care and for patients with learning disabilities.
Visitors should strictly follow infection control guidance and maintain their hands, face, space observance to minimise the risk of Covid-19 being passed on.
Kettering General Hospital’s Director of Nursing and Quality, Leanne Hackshall, said: “It has been vitally important during the Covid-19 pandemic to restrict the number of people allowed on the two hospital sites to reduce the risk of the infections.

Key changes:

  • Generally one visitor will be allowed per patient for an allocated timeslot. The visit must be booked in advance. Visitors must be from the same household or family bubble. (see below on how to book)
  • Wards which have infected or exposed patients cannot be visited except by exception for end-of-life-care purposes
  • Children are not allowed to visit
  • A&E, outpatients, urgent care and diagnostic visits remain restricted to the patient attending only – unless there are exceptional circumstances where a relative/carer is needed to enable the visit. They may have to wait outside the clinical area while the patient is treated.
  • Children’s wards – two parents or guardians per child can visit and one parent can stay overnight with their child
  • Maternity visiting remains the same
  • End of life patients are allowed open visiting where possible with one visitor per side room. This will be based on individual arrangements to suit the needs of patients and their loved ones.
  • Visiting times and arrangements for patients with learning disabilities will be arranged on an individual basis depending on the patient’s needs.

To book appointments for hospital visiting:

The Trust will be phoning the families of visitors to ask if they want to arrange visiting.
On arrival to any ward or department, all visitors should wash their hands thoroughly (for 20 seconds at least) or use the hand sanitiser provided. We also ask that you use the hand sanitiser on leaving the ward or department.


Telephone numbers:
01536 492345 (Reception)
01536 493723 (Admission enquiries)
01536 491291 (Minor injuries)

Antenatal and Newborn Screening

Telephone numbers:

01536 492917
01536 493729

Ashton Ward (Treatment Centre)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492764 (Mon-Fri office hours) 01536 493239

Barnwell B Ward

Telephone number:
01536 491700

Barnwell C Ward

Telephone number:
01536 492795

Cardiac Centre

Telephone numbers:
Reception: 01536 491344
Ward: 01536 491412 or 01536 491348

Chest Pain Assessment Unit

Telephone numers:
01536 491177

Clifford Ward (Medical Short Stay Unit)

Telephone numbers:
01536 491503 or 01536 491502

Cranford (General Medical) Ward

Telephone number:
01536 492271 and 01536 492273
For information on Cranford Ward.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492761

Deene Acute Surgical Unit (DASU)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492791 or 01536 493569

Deene B Ward

Telephone numbers:
01536 492780 or 01536 492781

Digestive Diseases Unit (DDU)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492729, 01536 492763, 01536 492782, 01536 493198

Discharge Lounge

Telephone number:
01536 491219

Geddington Ward (Treatment Centre)

Telephone number:
01536 491313

Harrowden A Ward

Telephone number:
01536 492814

HC Pretty A (Female Endocrinology and General Medicine)

Telephone number:
01536 492431, 01536 491389 or 01536 492213

HC Pretty B Ward (Male Endocrinology and General Medicine)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492433 or 01536 492218

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / High Dependency Unit (HDU)

Telephone number:
01536 492760 or 01536 492824
ICU Annex - 01536 493264 or 01536 492442

Labour Ward

1 birth partner of patient's choice only.
No visiting to Post and Antenatal wards.
Telephone numbers:
01536 492879 or 01536 492878

Lamport Ward (Male)

Telephone number:
01536 492241

Lilford Ward (Haematology)

Telephone number:
01536 492834

Middleton Assessment Unit (MAU)

Telephone number:
01536 492032

Naseby A Ward (Female)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492040 or 01536 491248

Naseby B Ward (Male)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492041 

Kettering Local Neonatal Unit

Visiting times:

Parents only, 24 hour access to the unit

Telephone number:
01536 492882

Oakley Ward

Telephone number:
01536 492761

Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) (Children's)

Visiting times:
Open 24 hours, one parent/guardian only.
Strictly no siblings.
Telephone numbers:
01536 492549
01536 491520 or
01536 492550

Poplar Ward

Telephone number:
01536 492911

Rowan Ward

Telephone numbers:
01536 492907
01536 492963 (postnatal)
01536 492914 (antenatal)

Short Stay Unit (SSU)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492442 or 01536 492559

Sir Thomas Moore Ward

Telephone numbers:
01536 493050
01536 493051
01536 493059

Skylark Ward (Paediatrics/Children's)

Telephone numbers:
01536 492291

Spencer Ward

Opening hours:
7.30am - 8.00pm
Telephone numbers:
01536 492153 or 01536 493538

Twywell Ward (Female)

Telephone number:
01536 492251 or 01536 492241