Geddington Ward

Geddington Ward photos
Geddington Ward is located in the Treatment Centre and is a short stay surgical ward and our patients usually staying with us between 24 -72 hours.
Geddington Ward is a 24 bedded unit. There are 15 side rooms each with their own bathroom and 3 bays consisting of 3 beds and a shared bathroom. Geddington Ward takes both emergency and elective/planned admissions.
Geddington ward treats primarily short stay patients from General Surgery, Colorectal, Urology, Orthopaedics, Breast, Dental, Endocrine and Ears Nose and Throat.
Please feel free to contact us we are always willing to listen to your queries, issues, to pass on suggestions or to complement our ward and staff.

Our Team

Gedddington Team photo

  • Natalie Reynolds - Matron
  • Anna Patrick - Ward Sister
  • Melanie Moore - Elective Nurse Practitioner (The Elective Nurse Practitioner role is to support the above teams and to ensure safe patient care/flow from admission to discharge)
  • Surgical Nurse Practitioner – Kim Wakley (The Surgical Nurse Practitioner role is primarily for colorectal inpatients but also offers support to the Elective Nurse Practitioner and teams when needed)

What do you need to bring with you

If you are attending for a planned procedure please bring with you a supply of day and night wear including slippers. We try to encourage our patients to spend time out of bed during the day wearing day clothes where possible and safe to do so. Please also bring a supply of toiletries – although a small selection is available from the hospital shop. Please do not bring valuables and large amounts of money into hospital with you as the Trust cannot accept responsibility if these personal items get lost or damaged.

Please ensure you bring your regular medications with you or at least a current list with doses and times when these are taken.
You are very welcome to bring mobile phones, Kindles, laptops etc, but be mindful that if you are in a bay to be courteous with volume on these devices.

Information for visitors

For infection control we cannot accept fresh plants or flowers on the ward.
We cannot heat up food brought in from home.
We do not provide drinks or food to relatives unless in exceptional circumstances.
We do not have a laundry service so we appreciate dirty laundry being taken home and clean clothes returned.