Your Hospital Appointment

Before you arrive

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please call the department as soon as possible, so that the appointment can be allocated to another patient. You will find the department number on your appointment letter. If you have any queries please call: 01536 493300 or email
Failure to attend an appointment without letting us know can result in you being taken off the outpatient waiting list and referred back to your GP.
Please try to attend your appointment alone, although one carer is permitted for children or patients needing support.
If your hospital doctor/consultant advises that you require a further appointment please remember to book this before you leave the clinic.

What to bring

  • Appointment letter 
  • Medicines you are taking* 
  • Specimens that have been requested 
  • Money for prescriptions or an exemption certificate 
  • A form of identification e.g. driving licence, passport, birth certificate 

Arriving at hospital

Please allow time for parking.
Please let us know if you have changed name, address or GP.  It is important that these details are kept up to date and to ensure we can contact your GP if necessary.
At your first appointment or when seeing a new hospital doctor you will need to register your name, address, GP and other personal details. This is to ensure that your medical records are kept accurate.

Clinic Appointment Times

Patients will be seen in order of appointment time, not by arrival times. We do try to keep to appointment times, however it is difficult to estimate how long each patient will be with the doctor. Should delays occur we will do all we can to keep you informed. If you have any concerns please speak to the reception desk.

After Your Appointment

You can collect your prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy before you leave. 
Please ensure if you are on income support, family credit or hold any other exemption certificate you bring proof of the exemption with you.