Group Clinical Strategy

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust are committed to working collaboratively to provide safe, compassionate and clinically excellent care for local people in Northamptonshire.

Collaboration to bring the best care for our patients in Northamptonshire

As with all parts of the NHS, we face mounting pressures on our services and workforce challenges.

Working as a Group 

We have far better opportunities to protect patient services and our staff than we could separately.

Sharing Resources

Our clinical strategy enables our hospitals to share staff, skills and resources to bring the best care for patients in Northamptonshire and reduce variation across our hospitals.

Improved access

This will mean our patients will be able to access high quality, specialist care that they require, and that our staff are proud to deliver.

Excellence in care

The strategy builds on the ways we already work together, to establish clinical centres of excellence for Northamptonshire, reduce cancelled operations and waiting times, and build on our University hospital status to become a hub for research, education and innovation.

We will of course continue to deliver local services such as the Emergency Departments and consultant-led maternity services on both hospital sites and where clinically appropriate, some of our services will move into the community.

For some highly specialist care, such as heart attacks and specialist cancer surgery, we propose delivering these services on just one of our hospital sites but with equitable access for all patients in the county.

Patients at the heart of our clinical strategy

Our strategy has been finalised following engagement with a wide range of staff, patients, health and care partners and our local communities.

We look forward to receiving your feedback or any questions by emailing

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