Our Vision, Values and Strategic Objectives

Our Group Ambition

Our mission is to provide safe, compassionate and clinically excellent patient care, by being an outstanding employer for our people, by creating opportunities, supporting innovation, and by working in partnership to improve local health and care services.  
These are our Group vision, mission and values. They are a direct product of the extensive engagement we have undertaken with staff, patient representatives, governors, health and care partners, and others. Our shared Group strategy "Dedicated to Excellence" is also summaries in a simple guide.

Our Group Vision

Dedicated to excellence in patient care and staff experience, and to becoming a leader in clinical excellence, inclusivity and collaborative healthcare.


Our Group Priorities 

We have agreed five priorities for the Group. Everything we do across both organisations should contribute towards achieving goals within at least one of these priority areas. They represent the long-term objectives of the Group, and each has an ambition and a success measure that we can track. Every year we will analyse our performance as a Group and set annual goals designed to make the biggest impact on each of these areas. Delivering our goals will move us closer towards achieving our overall vision.

  • Patient - Excellent patient experience shaped by the patients' voice.
  • Quality - Outstanding quality healthcare underpinned by continuous, patient-centred improvement and innovation.
  • Systems and Partnerships - Seamless, timely pathways for all people's health needs, working together with our partners.
  • Sustainability - A resilient and creative University Hospital Group, embracing every opportunity to improve care.
  • People - An inclusive place to work where people are empowered to make a difference.

Our Group Values

We are dedicated to being consistently excellent in all these areas and our values are at the heart of everything we do and describe how we will behave as we work towards achieving our vision. Our values were chosen by our own colleagues with the involvement of patient representatives.

Courage without text


Courage - We dare to take on difficult challenges and try out new things.  We find the strength to speak up when it matters and we see potential failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.



Accountability no text


Accountability - We take responsibility for our decisions, our actions and our behaviours.  We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. We acknowledge our mistakes and we learn.



Compassion without text


Compassion - We care about our patients and each other. We consistently show kindness and empathy and take the time to imagine ourselves in other people's shoes.



Integrity without text


Integrity - We are consistently open, honest and trustworthy.  We can be relied upon, we stand by our values and we always strive to do the right thing.



Respect without text


Respect - We value each other, embrace diversity and make sure everyone feels included. We take the time to listen to, appreciate and understand the thoughts, beliefs and feelings of others.



These are all values we would want to see and they reflect our experience as patients.  

Patient Representative, Patient and Carer Experience and Engagement Group