Urgent & Emergency Care - Make the Right Choice

Important Information: Where possible please attend A&E on your own.

If you or a loved one needs urgent and emergency (A&E) care at Kettering General Hospital you/they are urged to attend on their own, wherever possible. This is to ensure that all patients and staff can safely comply with social distancing guidance. It is vital that we do everything we can to protect everyone at the hospital.
This isn’t easy for patients but people infected with Covid-19 can have very mild or no symptoms at all but can still pass the virus to others,  so we must maintain social distancing within the hospital to reduce the risks to other patients and our staff.
If you are a carer or there are exceptional circumstances, patients can be accompanied by someone else, but we are asking friends and family to drop patients off and return to collect them later.

We ask everyone to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 by remembering to:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Wear a face covering or mask
  • Maintain social distancing.

Important information: The use of face coverings and gloves when coming to into hospital

People infected with COVID-19 can have very mild or no respiratory symptoms (asymptomatic) and can transmit the virus to others without being aware of it.
Following recommend recommendations from the World Health organisation, and in line with UK government guidance, we're introducing new measures at KGH to keep visitors, patients and staff safe. From Monday 15 June 2020 you will need to wear a face covering at all times inside our hospital. Find out more

Please remove your gloves - Good hand hygiene is one of the keys to defeating Coronavirus

  • If you are wearing gloves when attending our clinics you will be asked to remove them
  • We will ask that you wash your hands with soap or sanitiser
  • You may sanitise your hands and reapply your gloves before you leave

New night time access arrangements for A&E

image 1 tented area outside ED
All patients attending A&E between 10pm and 8am will be re-directed to access the Emergency Department through the tent at the Ambulance Entrance; where all patients will be registered, assessed and managed appropriately.
Relevant external signage has been put in place to support with this change in process.

Emergency Care at Kettering General Hospital

KGH provides 24 hour accident and emergency services (A&E) from our Emergency Department (ED) and supports the treatment of patients presenting with minor, major and traumatic injuries. Serious traumatic injury patients receive treatment before transfer to the major trauma centre at Coventry. During busy periods priority will be given to people attending ED with serious, life-threatening conditions that need immediate medical attention including persistent severe chest pain, loss of consciousness, acute confused state, severe blood loss, serious burns.

You should only call 999 or visit the Emergency Department in a real emergency

This includes a serious injury or life-threatening problem such as loss of consciousness, severe breathing difficulty, heavy bleeding, severe chest pain, suspected broken bones, deep wounds (e.g. stab wounds), swallowing something harmful or poisonous or a drug overdose. For non-emergencies the services below are available and may be able to help resolve your issue much quicker than ED which can be busy and subject to long waits.

Corby Urgent Care Centre

The Urgent Care Centre (UCC) is for patients who need help, advice or treatment for most common injuries and illnesses that are urgent but not life threatening.
You still need to be registered with a GP practice. It is therefore important to understand when it is right to attend.

When you should visit the Corby Urgent Care Centre?

If you have a minor injury that needs additional immediate treatment or investigation, such as sprains or soft tissue injuries, minor burns or scalds and minor head injuries.
  • If you suffer from a medical condition which is getting worse or if you have been directed to do so by your GP
You should not visit the Corby Urgent Care Centre:
  • If you have a minor illness such as a cough or cold. We advise you contact your GP practice or seek advice from a pharmacist.
  • If you have a long term condition which has deteriorated. Contact your GP practice.
  • If you have a life-threatening emergency or serious condition, such as a suspected heart attack, stroke, sepsis (blood poisoning) or major bleeding (call 999 for an ambulance immediately)
If you are unsure what to do, phone 111. This service can help you get the right care, first time – including an emergency ambulance if you need one, or the Out if Hours medical service if your GP practice is closed.
If you are treated at the Urgent Care Centre, staff can give advice about what you should do next. But please be aware that the Urgent Care Centre cannot:
  • Issue you with a sick note
  • Prescribe routine regular medication
  • Offer routine blood tests
  • Offer vaccinations
  • Arrange follow-up appointments with your GP practice (you must do this yourself)
  • Refer you on to specialist hospital clinics, including for cancer diagnosis (contact your own GP practice)
The Corby Urgent Care Centre, is run by a company called One Medical Group, it is open 8.00am - 8.00pm every day of the year.
During these hours, patients with the right need can walk in and be seen without an appointment. The Corby Urgent Care Centre is located on Cottingham Road, Corby, NN17 2UR.

GP Services - Extended Access and Out of Hours

If you or your family need urgent medical care when your usual GP surgery is closed (Monday to Friday 6.30pm-8.00am; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 24 hours) please contact your GP practice in the usual way to request an appointment. If there is no appointment available at the practice, patinets may be offered an appointment with the GP Extended Access Service if this is right for them. For details of your nearest GP practice please visit the NHS website

Extended Access Arrangements by District

The Extended Access Service is available to residents of Kettering, Wellingborough and East Northants and offers more bookable appointments with GPs, making it easier for you to get an appointment at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends. A GP Extended Access appointment is exactly like an appointment at your own GP practice. The service can see babies and children and nurse appointments are available for treatments such as wound care and ear irrigation.
You will be seen by experienced Northamptonshire GPs, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals, but it is unlikely that you will be seen by your own GP or nurse. If you would prefer to see your usual GP or practice nurse, please book an appointment with your usual practice during their normal opening hours.
For further details about extended access in your area please follow the links below

Dental Emergencies

If you have an urgent dental problem and are unable to wait until your surgery is next open, please contact your nearest NHS 8 to 8 Dental Centre which is open from 8.00am to 8.00pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including bank holidays).
The contact details for the 8-8 practices are:
  • Corby -  01536 401925
  • Daventry - 01327 310793
  • Kettering - 01536 525436
  • Northampton - 01604 639296
  • Wellingborough - 01933 224462
For assistance over the phone at any time, call NHS 111.


If you need advice for minor health problems you can speak to your pharmacist for on-the-spot advice and remedies for a wide range of problems such as stomach upsets, coughs and colds, cystitis and emergency contraception. Pharmacists are expert in many aspects of healthcare and can offer advice on a wide range of long-term conditions and common illnesses. You don’t need an appointment and many have private consultation areas, so they are a good first port of call. Your pharmacist will say if you need further medical attention.