Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) make up the third largest healthcare workforce in the UK and their skills are crucial to the day-to-day delivery of effective health and social care services.
AHP practitioners play a crucial role in so many patient journeys. For example, someone badly injured in a road traffic accident might come into contact with five or possibly more AHPs as part of their treatment, care and recovery.
A paramedic will be the first on the scene, a radiographer will take x-rays of their injuries, an operating department practitioner will prepare the specialist equipment and drugs needed for surgery, physiotherapists and occupational therapists will provide the rehabilitation they need to get moving and functioning again… with or without a medical supportive device designed and fabricated by our other AHP colleagues, prosthetists and orthotists!
Each one of us plays a unique role that is either lifesaving or life giving by providing the best quality of life outcomes for the patient following their accident.
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