A day in the life of Pharmacy staff

A Rotational Pharmacist typical day

Ordering medication for any discharges planned, reviewing new patients admitted onto the wards and carrying out the medicines reconciliation process which involves speaking to patients, their relatives or carers and communicating with GPs or community pharmacies. Clinically checking drug charts is also an important part of my role as we assess the safety and suitability of each medication by utilising patients’ blood test results, local and national guidelines and other resources. My day also often involves liaising with doctors to solve clinical queries whilst also counselling patients on new medication or discussing any concerns or queries they have surrounding their medication. 

Why KGH?

There’s always lots of opportunities available and the support is amazing. Everyone is helpful, friendly and super supportive! The environment is welcoming and hard work is always recognised! 

What do you love about your job?

Being able to work within a team and contribute to the care of a patient. I enjoy being able to help nurses and doctors as well as communicating with patients to establish any concerns and help them in any way I can.


Pharmacy Stores Support Worker typical dayPharmacy staff

In the morning we attend 1-2 wards each to complete a ‘ward top up’ where we compare how much of each medicine the ward has against their stock level. We then compile a list of the medicines needed by the ward which will be printed out when we return to Pharmacy. For the rest of the day we will pick the required medicines ready for our porter will deliver them back to the ward.

Why KGH?

KGH is one of the best places I have ever worked. There’s a real sense of teamwork and camaraderie throughout the whole hospital. Everyone I have met has been so friendly, they all take great pride in their jobs and really put the patients first in all that they do.

What do you love about your job?

I have always been a big supporter of the NHS and I’m grateful they have been there for my family during some tough times. I love the fact that I’m able to give something back by supporting the medical staff to treat the patients. I’ve known for a long time that I’ve wanted to work in a hospital and I’m thankful to KGH for helping me to fulfil that ambition.


Pharmacy Aseptics Manager  

The Pharmacy Aseptic Service provides a “ready to administer” injectablePharmacy Service Manager medicines service. This requires the aseptic preparation of medicines in syringes, infusion bags and pumps. Most doses prepared in this way are chemotherapy treatments.
Preparation by aseptic technique ensures that no microbes (bacteria, fungi, virus) enter the product and so give a product that is sterile and safe to use. In order to achieve this staff must work with specialist equipment within a cleanroom environment. The work is highly regulated to ensure patient safety. We have a dedicated team 10 of pharmacists, technicians and support workers who work in a “satellite” unit of the pharmacy in the main outpatient chemotherapy treatment unit.

A Pharmacy Aseptics Manager typical day

The working day starts with making sure the cleanroom and equipment is all working correctly and meets required standards. During this time, Pharmacists and Technicians start to check with Doctors/Nurses that prescriptions for patients who require chemotherapy are safe and appropriate. Once prescriptions have been checked, documentation for each dose is produced to allow production to commence.
Preparation of doses usually commences at 9am and continues throughout the day until 4.30. Once each dose is prepared it is very carefully checked and approved prior to use. At the end of the day, the cleanroom and equipment is cleaned, checked and prepared for the next day. In addition to the chemotherapy workload the department is also responsible for emergency boxes (eg cardiac arrest kits), the safety of unlicensed medicines, COSHH and the Health and Safety of all staff within the pharmacy department.

Why KGH?

KGH will support you to realise your potential.
What do you love about your job? The thing that I enjoy most about my job is to be able to apply the science of Pharmacy to inform all of my decision making, ensuring that any patient who comes within my responsibility will be getting pharmaceutical care of the highest standard. I also enjoy being able to provide a service that does make a real difference to the care of patients, and always strive to expand the service so that more patients can benefit.
Working at KGH has enabled me to realise a greater potential that might have been the case with other employers.