Sustainable ways to travel Kettering General Hospital

Saving money on fuel, getting fitter, doing your bit for the environment... there are plenty of reasons to leave the car at home and choose another way to get to KGH and here are some tips to help you:

1. Walk 

Great for your mental and physical wellbeing. Walking briskly will burn around 100 calories. The town centre is just 20 minutes walk away along a good path.

2. Cycle Bike Shelter

There are several cycle routes to KGH, eg alongside Northfield Avenue towards the station. Ask at Main Reception for a free cycle map or visit to plan your route.

3. Cycle Storage 

There are several cycle racks around the site. In car park A visitors can lock their cycles more securely in the caged shelter near the main entrance. See map for locations.

4. Scooters

Voi e-scooters can be hired via their app from points around Kettering and are an easy way to get to the KGH site (just park them carefully). Look out for their e-bikes too.

5. Bus

Outside the entrance on Rothwell Road are the nearest bus stops. Download the Stagecoach app for routes and live service updates.

6. Street Safe

If you find a particular area makes you nervous to walk in, eg bad streetlights, report it to:

Street harassment is not ok. Flare Report app allows you to quickly and anonymously make a report about inappropriate behaviour on the street.

7. Street Faults

Nearly tripped on a wobbly pavement? Spotted a dangerous pothole or an overgrown bush that could hinder your cycling? Report the issue to to make it safer for all.

8. Keep informed 

Keep an eye on the KGH website for details of active travel related events. For current or wannabe cyclists to KGH join the facebook group For local active travel events follow

Share your ideas - If you have more ideas or any queries on how to make it easier and safer for more people to walk, cycle, wheel, bus or scoot to KGH please email:

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