Ashton Ward

Ashton Ward specialises in elective hip and knee replacements, shoulder and spinal surgery.

Our Team

Ashron Ward Photo taken for Smile Award in July 2018

Our Consultants

Mr Khairandish
Mr Houghton-Clemmy
Mr Madhavan
Mr Menon
Mr Plakogiannis
Mr Siddique
Mr Smith
Mr Srinivasan
Mr Shyamsundar
Mr Qaimkhani

Joint School

Ashton Ward multi-disciplinary team run a Joint School on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. You will be invited via letter to attend ahead of your elective surgery. You will receive additional information via leaflets when you attend Joint School.

What to bring with you

Please bring in all your current medications in labelled boxes.
If you are attending for a planned procedure please bring with you a supply of day and night wear including slippers.  We try to encourage our patients to spend time out of bed during the day; wearing day clothes where possible and safe to do so. 
Please also bring a supply of toiletries – although a limited supply is available from the hospital shop.
Please do not bring valuables or large amounts of money into hospital with you as the Trust cannot accept responsibility if these personal items get lost or damaged.