Integrated Care Northamptonshire (ICN) Engagement Insight Library

Working in partnership with our county’s emerging Wellbeing Forums and wider system partners. An Integrated Care Northamptonshire (ICN) Engagement Insight Library has been developed and co-produced.
This library has been created as a central storage hub and single point of contact for engagement activity reports from across ICN partners and our communities. Making them more accessible to partner organisations and our communities.  It will become an essential resource with the following key aims:
  • Support collaboration between organisations around gathering insight, enabling links to be made between individuals or organisations who are working on the same area, or are wanting the answers to the same questions. Making the best possible use of available resources.
  • Move away from seeing residents as patients or service users, towards seeing them as members of local communities with valuable experience and insight to share.
  • Support the use of a variety of methods for gathering insight, moving away from an over-reliance on surveys to methods that nurture and use existing relationships.
  • Collect and organise insight being gathered across the system to make it easily accessible and searchable.
You can find out more information on how to sign up and submit reports to the library Get involved | Integrated Care Northamptonshire (