Industrial Action

Image used on the website Industrial Action by Junior Doctors between 24 and 28 February 2024
Junior Doctors will strike from 7am on Saturday 24 February until 11.59pm on Wednesday 28 February. Action is likely to cause long waits in Emergency Departments.
If it’s not a life-threatening emergency, get the help you need via:
• can support you at home or direct you to the best service for you
• Your pharmacy can help with over the counter medicines, emergency contraception and minor illnesses
• Mental health support, please contact 0800 448 0828
• Corby Urgent Care Centre can help treat lacerations, cuts, sprains, trains, minor burns and wounds
• For medical attention please contact your GP practice as normal.

Pleural Service

The Pleural Service is a reasonably new innovation to KGH's Respiratory Team established in July 2017.  The service is continuously changing to implement the latest clinical and research developments but most significantly ensuring the service is patient centred.
Pleural is a specialism within respiratory medicine which was recognised as an important subspecialty, especially as cases of pleural disease continue to rise internationally.
The Pleural Service at Kettering General Hospital offers an autonomous rapid referral diagnostic and treatment service for patients with pleural conditions such as pleural effusions, pneumothorax or other pleural associated conditions. Referral can be made by the GP, Hospital clinicians and as a self-referral, if previously seen by the team.

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Our Services

Our Clinics

The Pleural Service offers an outpatient and inpatient service, for advice, support, treatment and management.

All our clinics are held on the Rothwell Road site in Kettering.  Clinics are currently running for assessment and treatment with follow up appointments being  held virtually, keeping the numbers of patients and visitors on the KGH site to a minimum.

What is a pneumothorax?

A pneumothorax is when air gets into the space between the outside of your lung and the inside of your chest wall, your ribcage. A small pneumothorax may cause few or no symptoms. A large pneumothorax can squash the lung and cause it to collapse.

What is an empyema?

It’s a condition in which pus gathers in the area between the lungs and the inner surface of the chest wall. This area is known as the pleural space. Pus in the pleural space can’t be coughed out. Instead, it needs to be drained by a needle or surgery. Empyema usually develops after pneumonia, which is an infection of the lung tissue.

What is a pleural effusion?

A pleural effusion is a collection of fluid next to the lung. There are various causes. The effusion may cause you to become breathless. The fluid can be drained, if necessary. Treatment is mainly aimed at the underlying cause.

Our Team

Our Consultants

Dr Raja Reddy
Dr Mohammad Naeem
Dr George Tsaknis
Our Nurse Specialists
Samantha Rawson
Lesley Holland