KGH nurse and midwives receives award for incredible care that made patients feel safe

Two midwives and a nurse from Kettering General Hospital have received DAISY Awards for the outstanding care they have provided.
Midwife Hannah Crockatt from Rowan Ward was nominated by Krist Burlington from Kettering for the way the way she looked after Krist and her partner around a planned C-section.
Part of her nomination reads: “Hannah attended the theatre with us and was constantly reassuring us she was amazing. Once on the ward my partner was emotional being a first-time parent. Hannah was reassuring him constantly how well he was doing. We honestly cannot thank her enough for her support during our two days in hospital. She deserves this award She is dedicated to her profession. Thanks once again Hannah for everything.”
Staff nurse Beata Kotecke from the HC Pretty Ward was nominated by Kevin Wood, (from Wellingborough), for the care he received. His nomination reads:
Staff Nurse Beata Kotcecke presented with her award by Chief Nursing Officer Jayne Skippen
“This nurse literally saved my life. I was lying on a trolley in the corridor of the ward waiting for a bed after being released from A&E. No one was around me and I suddenly began to fit and convulse right there and then. I heard a lady's voice shout for help as she came towards me, her calming tone and reassuring smile made me feel more relaxed, even though I thought I was going to die. If it wasn't for Beata I do not know if I would have survived. Bee as I got to know her as, was always smiling, friendly and very comforting. When she was on the ward every patient was lifted by her presence, she had such an impact. If you could bottle up her energy and enthusiasm and love of her job as it is second to none, she is an absolute credit to pretty ward and the NHS. Thank you once again Beata, you are a life saver and I am truly grateful to you, now and forever.”

Community Midwife Elaine Youmbi was nominated by Rikki McCabe after supporting her through her pregnancies in 2015 and 2023 with the birth of baby Nyjah McCabe in August.
Deputy Director of Midwifery Mara Tonks, Midwife Elaine Youmbi and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Pam Smith
Part of her nomination reads: “It makes me emotional even when I think about it, I’m the most anxious patient Elaine has ever met. What makes Elaine so special? The fact any time or any day she’s there going above and beyond to reassure me. She is the kindest and most one-of-a-kind superhero. She’s just doing her job right? No, she’s not just doing her job she’s impacting people’s lives more than you could ever imagine any lady that’s about to start their pregnancy journey will be super lucky to have Elaine. Please from the bottom of my heart look after this midwife as there really aren’t many midwives as unique as her. Elaine thank you just for even existing you are truly incredible.”
The DAISY Awards are an international recognition programme that honours and celebrates the exceptional care that many nurses and midwives provide every day.
Since the scheme was launched at Kettering General Hospital in October 2020 more than 300 KGH patients, family members and carers have nominated nurses and midwives for the award and 31 have received it.
The awards were presented by senior KGH nurses including Chief Nursing Officer Jayne Skippen, Director of Midwifery Mara Tonks, Deputy Chief Nurse, Pam Smith, and Deputy Chief Nurse, Wayne Hurst, and included a certificate, a DAISY pin badge, and a “Healer’s Touch” sculpture.
Jayne said: “Beata, Elaine and Hannah all have some incredible nominations. They exemplify the kind of care we aim to deliver and show just how much of an impact reassurance and support has on people’s lives.
“I was very proud to award them with their DAISY Awards and to thank their nominees for taking the trouble to show how much their care is appreciated.”
Anyone who has received outstanding care can nominate a member of KGH staff for a DAISY award by going to:

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