Housekeeper Adrian D Brown Has Published His First Novel

Photo of Adrian Brown Housekeeper MAU holding his novel

Father-of-one Adrian, 52, from Kettering, was working as a printer in 2013 when he collapsed at work in Bicester.

During his recovery on Cranford Ward at KGH his sister Rebecca gave him a book on how to write a novel and he decided he would have a go.

Unable to work Adrian began to write the novel on his home computer and in September 2018 it was published by 3P Publishing in Corby.

He said:  “Prior to the stroke I had always worked hard and it took me a long time to accept I wasn’t going to be able to go back to the work I had done for 25 years.

“I felt cheated, I felt sorry for myself, and went through a whole raft of emotions.

“The writing became a kind of therapy for me and helped me to believe in myself again.

“Publishing the book for me was like drawing a line under the episode of my life where I had a stroke and – all of the emotions that went with that.”

Adrian joined KGH as a housekeeper on the Middleton Assessment Unit (MAU) on October 1, 2018.

His new novel “Sorry was never enough” tells the story of music journalist who seeks to re-opens a mystery that had been previously been hidden by his journalistic mentor.

It relates to a tragic accident involving the death of a child, a rock band and a subsequent curse.

In the first few weeks since publication half of the original 100 book print run has been sold and there have been many favourable comments of which Adrian’s favourite is ‘It’s Spinal Tap meets The Omen.” Copies have already found their way as far afield as America and Australia.

Adrian said: “I want to thank all of my family and friends, all my colleagues at KGH (particularly the staff on MAU) and the staff at 3P Publishing for their support in the run-up to publication.”

The book is now available through the publisher, 3P Publishing in Corby, or from the Book Cave in The Yards, Market Street, Kettering.