Children's Phlebotomy Service (Blood Tests)

All Children’s blood tests are now only available as pre-booked appointments.
Please telephone 01536 492694 between 8:00am and 4:00pm (Monday - Friday) to make an appointment for your child’s blood test. This is a central booking point and the Receptionist will ensure that your child is seen at the most suitable phlebotomy location.  We are unable to accommodate children who arrive for a blood test without an appointment.
Please do not telephone our other phlebotomy sites as all children’s appointments are now being co-ordinated through the central booking point.

Blood Test Request Form

For your child to have a blood test they will need to have a request form from a clinician.  This may have been arranged by your General Practitioner. 
  • If you have been provided with a paper copy by your GP please bring this with you.
  • If your GP request has been sent electronically the Receptionist will be able to check that the request has been received at the time of making the appointment.
If a hospital doctor has requested your child’s blood test, then they will have provided you with a handwritten paper copy.  It is imperative that you bring this with you to the appointment.

Authorisation for Local Anaesthetic Cream

At the time of making the appointment for your child the Receptionist will check whether local anaesthetic cream is required.   However we can only issue local anaesthetic cream if this has been authorised by a clinician.  GPs and hospital doctors may authorise the issue of local anaesthetic cream in one of two ways:
  1. They may indicate authorisation for the cream on the blood test request form
  2. They may complete an Authorisation & Consent Form.  If they provide you with this form please ensure you bring it to the appointment.


When you arrive for the appointment you will be asked to complete a Consent Form before the phlebotomists can carry out the blood test for your child.


If after making the appointment your child is unable to attend for any reason, please telephone the central line on 01536 492694 between 8:00am and 4:00pm (Monday - Friday) to cancel or reschedule accordingly. 
If you are bringing a child in to have a blood test please read all the information contained in the Patient Information Leaflet carefully and bring the form with you when you attend the appointment.
For your child to have a blood test you will need to bring:
1. Authorisation and consent form, see the link below, with the authorisation section completed and signed  by the GP or prescriber.
2. Blood test request form.

For more information please read Children’s Phlebotomy Information, Authorisation & Consent [pdf] 266KB