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Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has a core team of dedicated Research staff whose prime aim is to initiate and support research across the Trust.

This year alone we have 32 Healthcare professionals are actively involved in leading research as Principle Investigators at the Trust, producing a wide variety of research publications.

We undertake research studies in an extensive range of specialities; Cancer, Clinical Haematology, Critical Care, Respiratory, Cardiac, Paediatrics and Gastric to name a few. KGH has been actively involved in key national Covid-19 trials; you or your family may be approached to take part in one of these trials if you are an inpatient within the hospital, taking part in a research trial is completely voluntary.

What is research?

Research and clinical trials compares treatments to see which is better. This may be comparing a new drug, a change of practice or service offered by the NHS. Research can include participation from patients, healthy volunteers or both.

Research has a vital role to play in the development of healthcare and health service delivery. Clinical trials can help healthcare professionals improve how we treat diseases and conditions to benefit patients now and in the future.

There is more information for patients on How, Why and Who can take part in research on the NIHR’s website Be Part of Research. For NHS staff Your Path in Research can provide guidance on how research can enhance your career.

Research at KGH

Whilst a patient of KGH, you may be asked if you would like to take part in research or a clinical trial. 

If you agree to take part in a clinical trial, you will be given a Patient Information Sheet (PIS) for that trial and allowed adequate time to read it.  You will then be asked to sign a consent form which will also be explained to you.  

You have the right to refuse or withdraw from a clinical trial at any time, without the need to give a reason. Your withdrawal / refusal will not affect your ongoing clinical treatment.  

Research Department Structure

The Medical Director is responsible for all research undertaken at Kettering General Hospital. The Research & Development Director is the head of the Research Committee who approve all new studies at the trust. The research governance team ensure all trials undertaken at Kettering General are correctly approved by the HRA and MHRA.

The Principle Investigator for any trial will usually be your Consultant, they are the legal lead of the trial at Kettering General and will be responsible for ensuring you safety on the study.

Our Current Performance

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) requires all NHS organisations to publish information on a quarterly basis, on the set-up and recruitment times, and reasons for any delays to clinical trials; and also delivery to time and to target for commercial clinical trials. Our Current Performance can be found here.

Using your information for research

If we wish to use your personal information and health data for research, in most cases, we would only do so with your explicit consent and will provide information beforehand regarding how your data will be processed. Occasionally patient identifiable data is accessed and shared for research purposes without consent, but only when this process has HRA approval. Further information about Section 251 approval.

Under GDPR regulations (2018), Article 6, the legal basis for processing patient personal information for research is because “it is in the public interest”. You can read the statement "Patient information and health and care research" from the Health Research Authority here.

Student Research

Students wishing to undertake a research at KGH as part of their studies should have a look at HRA website for guidance on Defining Research. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your project.

External Researchers

We follow guidance provided in the NIHR, Research in the NHS - HR Good Practice Resource Pack to enable external researchers to undertake their research at KGH, this includes access to our patients and any identifiable data, further to informed consent or regulatory approval.

This pack contains a Transparency Notice which explains the purpose and rights of applicants in relation to the handling of personal data.

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