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New mobile phone app helps patients check on their own recovery

Group of staff supporting new mobile phone App Post Op by KGH

Staff at Kettering General Hospital have created a mobile phone App to help patients on the road to recovery following operations.

 Post Op has been created by doctors and nurses working together with patients and external technology experts.

 The App enables patients to answer key questions about their recovery through mobile phone questionnaires as well as posting pictures and video of their wounds for doctors and nurses to study.

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KGH Breast Unit buys a £40,000 new biopsy x-ray machine

The Breast Team with the new machine

Kettering General Hospital has just taken delivery of a £40,000 new state-of-the-art biopsy x-ray machine.

 The new device is used as a way of quickly checking if a breast biopsy sample has accurately targeted an anomaly being checked in the breast tissue. 

 Taking an accurate sample is important to be able to give the patient an accurate result. 


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Re-imagining Planned Care together

This year we are looking to change and improve our planned care services throughout Northamptonshire through the Re-imagining Planned Care Programme.
Planned care, also known as elective care, is the provision of services with planned appointments, such as an outpatient appointment or surgery, in a place like a GP surgery or hospital.
Working together with our system partners, patients, carers and our local communities, and learning from experience and best practice, we believe we can address current challenges and significantly improve outcomes and care for people in Northamptonshire.​
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Open day at KGH Breast Unit on May 18

The breast care team say come to our open day

Aim is to raise breast awareness and answer any questions you may have

 Staff at Kettering General Hospital are promoting breast awareness and educating people on how to look after their breasts by having an open day.

 The Breast Care Unit Open Day is being held in the Treatment Centre at Kettering General Hospital from 2pm-6pm on Saturday, May 18. The first hour (2-3pm) is focussed for people under the age of 35.

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Improvement to end-of-life arrangements at KGH

Team standing with end of life trolley

A Kettering General Hospital sonographer has helped improve end-of-life care arrangements at the hospital after she lost her mother.

The hospital’s Lead Sonographer in the Radiology Department, Dr Kalpana Lakhani, lost her mother, Mrs Pushpaben P Lakhani who died aged 91 on Mother’s Day 2021.

Her mother was taken to the mortuary in one of our older-style trolleys and Kalpana thought the improvements could be made to how that was done.

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Disabled race team visits children’s ward

Local members of a disabled motor racing team visited the children’s ward at Kettering General Hospital and demonstrated how believing in yourself can help you achieve the things you want to do.

 Asha and Anji Silva are members of Team BRIT – a motor racing team made up of six drivers with various physical and psychological disabilities include amputees, people with partial paralysis, and conditions like autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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KGH first hospital in Europe to fit 100 special cardiac devices

Kettering General Hospital has become the first hospital in Europe to fit 100 of a new type of recording device to measure heart rhythm for up to three years.

 The device – called an implantation loop recorder - is an inch (2.5cm) long and is fitted just under the skin of a patient’s chest and used to diagnose infrequent heart rhythm disturbances like atrial fibrillation (unusually irregular/fast heart rate).


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