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Our staff get DAISY Awards for compassionate care

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Two amazing nurses and a midwife from Kettering General Hospital have received DAISY Awards* for the outstanding, compassionate, and sensitive care they have given to patients.

Last year KGH started to take part in the DAISY Award – an international recognition programme that honours and celebrates the exceptional care that many nurses and midwives provide every day.

Since then patients, family members and carers have nominated 195 staff members for the award after receiving great care and nine have received it.

Staff who received the award on October 29 were Delivery Suite Midwife, Leanne Keenoo ,  Emergency Urology Nurse Practitioner,  Janine Cullen, and Maple Ward Staff Nurse, Nina Upama.

Leanne is amazing

Midwife Leanne was nominated by local mum Rebecca Jones from Corby for the way she supported her during a premature birth.

In her nomination she wrote:

“I arrived at the Maternity unit thinking that I was having ‘niggles’ as I was only 33 weeks. However, as it turned out, I was in labour. I was incredibly worried and scared about my baby coming so early and from the start, Leanne put my mind at ease. She was the most amazing midwife and made me feel at ease at all times - whether this was with words of support and encouragement; sharing a joke or simply keeping me focused and ‘sane’. It was such a shock to have my little boy so quickly and I ended up in HDU whilst my little boy got taken to Neonatal. Leanne stayed with me the whole time and despite being so emotional, she made me feel so much better. She was honestly the best midwife we could’ve wished to have and she made a very scary experience into something much better. I will never be able to thank her enough for not only delivering my baby safely but for also being so incredibly amazing with the care she offered me too. She will be forever my hero and we are so, so, lucky to have people like her working for our NHS.”

Janine supports lady at difficult time

Emergency Urology Nurse Practitioner Janine was nominated by a local lady for the way she supporter her after a hysterectomy with complications.

She wrote:

“Janine was amazingly supportive and understanding, she made sure I had all I needed and took the time to listen to me and express my concerns and worries. Janine gave me her number which I needed the next day, I went in to see her the following day and she sorted the next issue with the catheter, she made sure she spoke to the consultant and told me what he had said. Janine made sure I had the medication I needed and that the overnight urologist knew what was happening in case I needed to be admitted. I’m now waiting on surgery and I sincerely hope Janine will be on duty when I come in for this. Janine is very kind, compassionate, caring, experienced and knowledgeable. “

Nina is caring and compassionate

Nina was nominated for the way Billie Joe Brown from Kettering for the personal care she delivered after a difficult surgery.

She said:

“Nina is an amazing, kind, caring, compassionate, helpful and trusting person. She goes above and beyond to help patients and her work colleagues. Nina made me feel like a person and not just another patient statistic. She listened to all my needs and of those in the same bay. She takes her time and really makes you feel safe and loved when away from home. Nina, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for just being you. Never change who you are, you light up the room as soon as you walk in and even though you have to wear a face mask I can tell you are constantly smiling. You are amazing Nina!”

The winners were all presented with a DAISY award certificate, award pin badge and “Healer’s Touch” sculpture.

Deputy Director of Nursing and Quality, Di Postle, who is overseeing the awards initiative, said: “I am delighted to be able to announce three more winners of our DAISY Awards.

“Leanne, Janine and Nina’s all exemplify our core value of providing compassionate care for patients.

“But they also go much further than that by providing very reassuring personal care, with great attention to detail, at times of great stress for our patients.

“I am absolutely delighted they have received awards for their outstanding care.”

Interim Director of Nursing and Quality, Fiona Barnes, said: “Today’s DAISY Awards give some more great examples of dedicated staff who provide the kind of compassionate care and support our nursing and midwifery team aspire to deliver to all patients and parents.

“Once again I want to thank all of the patients and their families and carers who have taken the time and trouble to nominate our staff members for these new awards.

“They enable families to thank those individuals who have touched their lives, often at a time of great vulnerability. Please keep the nominations coming!”

Nominate a nurse or midwife using the online form or email your nomination to



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