Dermatology Service Moves to Prospect House

Photograph showing Clinical Lead for Dermatology, Dr Olivia Stevenson, Dermatology Lead Nurse, Amanda Treadwell, Macmillan Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist, Fiona Briggs, and Registered Nurse, Vicky Richardson, in the new premises.

Kettering General Hospital’s Dermatology Department is opening for business in its new and improved off-site location from Monday, November 26.

The department has moved from its location on the main hospital site to Prospect House in Lower Street, Kettering - where it will share premises with Eskdaill and Weavers medical centres and Rolands Pharmacy.

The move is part of the hospital’s £2.4m refurbishment and relocation programme whereby the hospital’s A&E department is expanding into the adjoining Fracture Clinic – with the Fracture Clinic moving into the area vacated by dermatology and dermatology moving offsite.

The Jubilee Wing name is moving with the department to Prospect House.

Clinical Lead for Dermatology, Dr Olivia Stevenson, said: “We are very pleased with our new location.

“We have all of the facilities we had on the KGH site – often in larger rooms with better natural light – and we also have an additional minor operations theatre which will enable us to more easily quickly address urgent cases, such as removing skin cancers.

“We also have more space to do staff training and will be able to progress a programme we started 18 months ago of supporting GPs with a specialist interest in dermatology to do additional training.

“In the long term this will mean great expertise in the local community for people with skin problems.

“We also have some new equipment so our facilities will be better than ever for patients.”

The Dermatology Team moved into their new premises – which are on the ground floor of Prospect House – on November 17.

Finishing works have been done this week and the department will have its own reception, waiting area, administration office, phototherapy room, clinic rooms and two minor operations theatres, along with a dressing room and kitchen.

The team consists of three consultants, Dr Olivia Stevenson, Dr Johan Vorster and Dr Cristina Bordea.

They are supported by Lead Nurse for Dermatology, Amanda Treadwell, Macmillan Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist, Fiona Briggs, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clare Beasley, Surgical Nurse Practitioner, Hazel Hacking, Dermatology Nurse, Vicky Richardson, healthcare assistants June Sadler and Lisa Whittle, Receptionist Jill Topbass, Secretary, Helen Lovesey, and Adminstrators Lorraine Allibone, Lisa Bainbridge and Jo Loveridge.

All patients with appointments in Dermatology have been – or are being - written to and told about the new arrangements and location.

The next stage of the hospital moves will be the Frank Radcliffe Fracture Clinic moving into the Jubilee Wing in late December.

The final stage will be A&E moving into the Fracture Clinic – which will have already had alterations made to make it fit-for-purpose - on December 22.