Black History Month Reflections - Dr Wesley Warren

dr wesley warren

As we reflect on Black History Month, we speak to Dr Wesley Warren about his role at KGH and how he is inspiring young people from all backgrounds.

Dr Warren is a trainee GP who is undergoing his medical rotation at KGH. Dr Warren joined KGH in December 2016. As a part of his rotation, Dr Warren has worked in several areas of the hospital including A&E and Respiratory medicine. He is currently working alongside colleagues in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Also known as Obs and Gynae).

“I’ve enjoyed my rotation here at KGH” Dr Warren says.

“Being able to develop professional relationships with colleagues across the hospital has been fantastic. I really enjoy the teamwork here at KGH”.

Dr Warren recently attended the third annual Black Professionals Conference at Luton Sixth Form College.
The event was organised as a part of Black History Month.

Dr Warren says “This month is an opportunity for us not only to focus on the achievements of black professionals; but also look at how we can help young people from all backgrounds.

In Luton, I wanted look at the obstacles to success faced by young people. Young black men in particular face a number of obstacles in terms of what opportunities and avenues are open to them”

“We can use Black History Month as a force for positivity in the lives of all young people. Having professionals from a range of backgrounds; especially black professionals, talk about their experiences and stories of achievement can inspire young people from all areas and backgrounds”.

Dr Warren delivered a talk at Luton Sixth Form College and took questions from a large group of students. “Those who attended were mainly studying business, not medicine. I asked the students if they thought studying medicine might be beyond their abilities. I wanted to demonstrate to them that they shouldn’t see education as being a barrier to their achievements”.

Dr Warren explains that he didn’t explore a role in medicine immediately after school.
“I grew up in Tottenham and left school with a good sporting ability and wasn’t sure of my career goals.

Through a friend I found a career as an Operating Department Assistant (ODA) now known as Operating Department Practitioner (ODP). I started working as an ODP at the age of 18 and was appointed as an Operating Theatre Manager prior to my entry into medicine’’.

“My desire was to become a doctor as I wanted to be at the frontline line of medicine caring for patients, so I embarked on acquiring the qualifications needed for applying to medical school. I attained a BSc (Hons) in Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement (MPPM) at Middlesex University.

“In the same way that I explained to the students in Luton; the only barrier to success is a desire to achieve. This can be in any field. Not just medicine”.

Dr Warren was awarded a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at St George's, University of London. He has continued to study and develop professionally; studying working across the country.

Dr Warren loves the job he does, and when we asked him the best thing about his role he said “What makes the job worthwhile is working with patients and seeing the health of a patient improve with your management”.

Dr Warren’s rotation at KGH will end in December. He will then join general practice in Wellingborough. We wish this inspirational doctor every success in his future career in Primary Care.

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