Maxillofacial and Orthodontic Unit

The department receives patient referrals for both maxillo facial and orthodontic review and treatment. These 2 separate specialities work together when treatment from both is in the patient’s best interest.
New and review consultation clinics are held 5 days a week Monday through Friday.  We carry out suitable orthodontic and local anaesthetic procedures from our 5 treatment rooms and a wellbeing room.
We offer a range of nurse led clinics that support the 2 specialities, including a dedicated head and neck Clinical Nurse Specialist who works very closely with all the clinicians and their teams within the head and neck remit and trained nurses providing oral health and diagnostic radiographic services.
The department has a dedicated maxillo facial and orthodontic laboratory; providing prosthetic and camouflage services for referred patients.  The technicians also provide scanning and photography services for patients working closely with consultants to provide the optimum outcome for our patients requiring intervention.

Our Services

Referrals into the department are received from GPs and Dentists for dental reviews and investigations.
  • For diseases relating to the mouth, jaw, face and neck
  • For neck lump investigation and treatment.
  • Oral, facial and maxillary cancer
  • Skin cancer for head and neck
  • Oral health and oral surgery, including complex dental and wisdom teeth extractions
  • Orthodontic review and treatment and surgery
  • Treatment/surgical planning for our patients requiring complex orthognathic surgery. Follow up treatment and support following patient’s surgery
  • Trauma and emergency oral/orthodontic and facial treatment and review
  • Making and distribution of appliances
  • Supporting patients after treatment with aesthetic and adapting to change in body image
  • Xray, Cone Beam CT and scanning/photography services used in conjunction with latest digital platforms allowing both optimal planning and patient expectation of treatment.

Our Team


Mr Colin Harrop
Ms Arti Hindocha
Mrs Sarah Meadows
Mr Rami Salha
Mr Bill Smith

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Hayley Steptoe


The department hold a variety of clinics:
  • New and review Maxillo Facial clinic
  • New patient orthodontic assessment clinic
  • Orthodontic treatment and review clinics
  • Minor oral surgery clinics
  • Casualty clinics for emergency patients
  • Orthognathic clinics
  • Nurse led oncology clinics
  • Combined Trust cleft lip and palate multidisciplinary clinic
  • Cleft speech therapist clinic
  • Cleft dental clinic
  • Nurse led Records clinics                                        
  • Technician led scanning/photography clinics
  • Paediatric pre-assessment for surgery clinic
  • Wound care/dressing clinics
  • Production of orthodontic appliances
  • Head and Neck Prosthetic clinics
  • Patient camouflage clinics
  • Clinical photography
  • Minor skin surgery
  • Head and neck CT
  • X-Ray clinics
We offer general anaesthetic procedures at the Trust and more simple skin surgery within the Trust, however we do share our more complex cases with Northampton General Hospital.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

Please bring with you a list of current medications and details of any allergies.  Please inform any staff members if there is a chance you could be pregnant.