Learning Disability Liaison Service

Chris and Leanne the Learning Disability Team The Learning Disability Liaison Service works closely with hospital managers and staff to offer training and advice to ensure that hospital services are more accessible for people with a learning disability. They liaise with learning disability professionals, social care professionals, carers and families to improve the journey and outcome of the person with learning disabilities while accessing an acute hospital.

Our Services

Supporting people with learning disabilities, their families and carers to prepare for a planned hospital admission. By providing accessible information for people with learning disabilities to help them to make choices about their care and treatment.
Providing resources and tools to enable effective communications by hospital staff to ensure safe and appropriate admission and discharge for people with learning disabilities. 
Sharing knowledge and skills with hospital staff on the needs of patients with learning disabilities,
Provide training to hospital staff on learning disability awareness.
Work with hospital managers to ensure hospital policies and procedures consider the needs of patients with learning disabilities.

Our Background

It is widely acknowledged that people with learning disabilities have not always received the same standard of care and treatment while accessing acute hospitals. Death by Indifference, Healthcare for All and six Lives Report provide evidence of this and support the need for Learning Disability Nurses in all hospitals.
People with learning disabilities are at an increased risk of developing complex health problems leading to premature death. Acute Learning Disability Liaison Nurses are a vital resource to support hospital staff to consider the complex needs of an individual with learning disabilities.

Our Team

Leanne Farmer - Acute Learning Disability Liaison Nurse.
Chris Abram - LD Project Worker

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