Home Oxygen Service

The Home Oxygen Service was established in 2011. The specialist Home Oxygen Service-Assessment and Review (HOSAR) team, delivered by Kettering General NHS Foundation Trust, is responsible for the assessment and review of patients who already receive, or are felt may benefit from, oxygen therapy at home.
Referrals to the Home Oxygen Service can only be made by a registered clinician. The assessments and reviews take place either in patients home, in clinics or whilst an inpatient.
Oxygen is not a treatment for breathlessness in the absence of chronic low Oxygen levels.
Oxygen is only considered once patients have a confirmed diagnosis, optimally controlled and clinically stable.

Our Services

  • Assessments for long term oxygen therapy for respiratory conditions
  • Oxygen assessments for palliative care
  • Ordering of oxygen for cluster headaches

Our Team

Our team is made up of consultants and home oxygen nurses.
Our nurses:
  • Julie Danns - Lead nurse for home oxygen service
  • Anna Bail - Home oxygen nurse
  • Laura Rhodes - Home oxygen nurse

Useful Links

British Lung Foundation www.blf.org.uk