Your Surgery at KGH during the Covid-19 pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, we had to reduce our surgical activity.  We managed to maintain emergency and cancer surgery, but all other operations were put on hold.  We are sorry that as a result patients will have had to wait longer than originally anticipated. The good news is, now that the pandemic is gradually decreasing, we are working to restart routine surgery at KGH
Research has shown that if you have an operation when you are infected with Covid-19 or if you catch the infection soon after your surgery, there is a significant increase in complications from the infection.  We are doing everything we can to minimise the risk of patients attending hospital whilst Covid-19 positive or contracting it during their stay.
The Trust supports this in order to minimise the risk to our patients and staff. You will also be required to undergo a swab test for Covid-19 within 72 hours before your planned admission date – this may involve you self-testing at home or coming into the hospital to be tested. More information about swabbing will be provided closer to your date of surgery.
We are writing to every patient on our waiting list to establish whether they still want to have the procedure they were originally planning to have, so that we can begin to reschedule.