Woodlands Hospital Non-Covid Urgent Surgery, Procedures & Diagnostics

Image of The Woodlands Hospital
NHS England have worked with private hospitals, nationally, to enable the delivery of care for NHS patients, who do not have Covid-19, away from acute hospital sites. This means that during this time no private work will be undertaken at these facilities.
By having a dedicated site, away from an acute hospital site, patients can be more effectively shielded from COVID 19 exposure and the acute hospital sites can have less people onsite reducing the risk of COVID spread.
The Woodland Hospital is Kettering’s local private hospital, situated approximately 2 miles west of the main KGH site, off the A14.
KGH staff have been working with the Woodland Hospital team to put everything in place, on their site, to ensure KGH staff have access to all the information, equipment, staff and core services required to deliver care as if it was on the KGH site – effectively creating an annex site to KGH.
Stringent measures are in place to ensure The Woodland Hospital remains COVID free. All staff and patients are screened on entering the Woodland Hospital building. Patients who will be having surgery at the Woodland Hospital are COVID swabbed 48-72 hours prior to surgery to ensure they are COVID free at the time of surgery.
So far, the following KGH patient groups are receiving their care at the Woodland Hospital:
  • Patients with a fracture needing fixation who can go home from A&E prior to surgery
  • Patients who need planned day case medical treatment
  • Patients having urgent Colorectal cancer surgery
  • Patients attending Breast clinics for their test results or having urgent Breast cancer surgery
  • Some patients having urgent Urology procedures
  • Patients having urgent Skin cancer surgery
  • Urgent CT & MRI scanning
Patients will be advised, by their consultant or nurse lead, whether their urgent treatment or urgent surgery will take place at KGH or at The Woodland. This decision will be made on clinical grounds on a case by case basis. Any queries regarding this should be directed to the Consultant referring patients for surgery or treatment.
Patients who require surgery will be contacted by the clinical team, on the site where surgery will take place, to make arrangements to come in for surgery, once a date for surgery has been agreed. This will include any pre op appointments.
If you would like to know more about The Woodland Hospital please visit their website https://www.woodlandhospital.co.uk/
If you would like to contact the Woodland Hospital please telephone them on 01536 414515