Our Vision, CARE Values and Strategic Objectives

Our vision is “to provide safe high quality care to our communities”

Everything that we do is within the framework of our CARE Values which were developed through extensive consultation and engagement with our staff from across the organisation.

Our Care Values are: Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, Engaging

The aims of our Trust is “to be an outstanding District General Hospital”.

Our CARE Values underpin our Strategic Objectives.

Our Trust is working to deliver four key long term strategic objectives.

These were re-ratified by our Trust Board at its meeting on 28th September 2018.

Our Care Values support our strategic objectives

Over the course of summer 2018 there has been a further period of staff engagement in the development of our short term and medium term objectives that support the delivery of our long term strategic objectives.

In October 2018 the Trust Board agreed a final version of our short to medium term objectives that reflect the feedback received from both staff and patient representatives.

 Image showing KGH short and medium term objectives

Having now established our strategic objectives the aim now is for each team and all individuals within the organisation to have set objectives aligned to the short to medium term strategy.

Our Operational Plan 2019-2020 is aligned with the Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership (HCP) planning process and includes action to begin implementing the measures as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

Graphic showing respective responsibilites of individuals and teams for delovery of strategic objectives