Important information: The use of face coverings and gloves when coming to into hospital

People infected with COVID-19 can have very mild or no respiratory symptoms (asymptomatic) and can transmit the virus to others without being aware of it.
Following recommend recommendations from the World Health organisation, and in line with UK government guidance, we're introducing new measures at KGH to keep visitors, patients and staff safe. From Monday 15 June 2020 you will need to wear a face covering at all times inside our hospital. Find out more

Please remove your gloves - Good hand hygiene is one of the keys to defeating Coronavirus

  • If you are wearing gloves when attending our clinics you will be asked to remove them
  • We will ask that you wash your hands with soap or sanitiser
  • You may sanitise your hands and reapply your gloves before you leave

KGH Service provision during Coronavirus

Photo of staff team outside NUffield Diagnostic Centre , Corby image of the Woodlands     image of staff outside Nene Park

Over the last few months KGH has had to focus on meeting the challenge of Covid-19 (also known as Coronavirus) which has meant that we have needed to suspend the provision of many of our planned and routine services. We are extremely grateful to local people for their patience and understanding as we have changed the ways in which we provide care, often at very short notice, and for the support that they have shown to our staff and patients through generous donations and waves of moral support in these challenging times.
We are now working hard to reopen services that were paused to allow our staff to redirect their efforts on caring for people affected by Covid-19. We know that as we begin again to meet the wider healthcare needs of local people we will need to provide our services in different ways to how they were provided before. 

Our key priority - safety

Our overriding priority will be to minimise the risk of cross infection in whatever we do, from people who have Covid-19 to those who do not. To do this we must continue with many of the arrangements we have put in place in response to Covid-19 as we reopen services, increasing the numbers of patients we treat whilst keeping the numbers of patients and visitors on the KGH site to a minimum.
This means that:
  • We will continue to provide as many services as possible either virtually (through video and telephone contact), off site on non-KGH sites or from Nene Park, Corby Diagnostic Centre or the Woodlands (an independent sector hospital).
  • We will continue to use independent sector capacity – that has been arranged nationally – to support the separation of covid from non-covid care.
  • Within the hospital we will continue to develop covid and non-covid care pathways including designated wards for patients with coronavirus.
  • We will continue to maintain our “surge” capacity so that we are best placed to deal with any future increases in Covid-19 admissions

Developing a detailed plan

We are developing our plans to outline how we will deliver our services over the coming year (until March 31 2021).
Our priority areas are:
  • Cancer services
  • Screening services
  • Diagnostic services
And we will reopen on a phased basis:
The services we reopen may not look the same as before - for example:
  • The way in which we provide outpatient services will be different, we will provide more video and telephone consultations, support GPs through advice and guidance to avoid a physical appointment and only offer follow ups as a video or telephone consultation.
  • Children’s emergency care will continue to be provided separately from the main Emergency Department (it has moved into the ground floor of the Foundation Wing)
  • We will continue to work with the independent sector to ensure patients are seen and treated in a timely way.
As our services reopen, we will keep local people informed through our website, social media and updates to local press and broadcasters.