History of International Nurses

The first 13 international nurses started at KGH in September 2002. Of the recruits nine were Filipinos, two from India, one from Pakistan and one from Indonesia.
Prior to working at KGH the recruits had been working in the Middle East - Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, or the United Arab Emirates.
When they first joined they had more than 130 years of qualified nursing experience - an average of 10 years each -  and many had spent lengthy periods in accident and emergency, intensive care, theatres, anaesthetics, cancer care, surgery and orthopaedics.
Most of the nurses are still working at KGH today.
International nurses
The first International nurses joined KGH in 2002
We are the very first international nurses recruited by KGH and most of us have progressed in our nursing career. I think recruitment and retention was a success in our first cohort. We stayed, we multiply and we adapt to British culture as a whole.
Arnold Aguilar, Matron