Building a Better KGH

KGH Aerial view

At Kettering General Hospital we’ve started on a major programme to secure new investment in our buildings that enables us to improve our services and benefit our patients and the wider health and social care system.
We have received provisional funding of £46M to build a new Urgent Care Hub (UCH) to replace our current A&E department and have been selected as one of 21 NHS Trusts eligible to apply for government funding to improve our buildings and estate as part of the Health Infrastructure Plan (known as HIP2)
The first stage of the HIP2 process is for the Trust to submit a Strategic Outline Case for government approval in early spring 2021 and we are working with a team of specialist advisors to help develop the case along with a site master plan.

We want to hear from you!

On Monday September 28 we held our first online public engagement events to start to gather views from local people on what is important to them about their local hospital and the services it provides.

The event was recorded and you can watch the presentation from the hospital’s Group Chief Executive, Simon Weldon and Director of Strategy, Polly Grimmett, explaining why we need this investment and the process we will need to go through to access these national capital funds. 

If, having seen the presentation, you have views you want to share with us about what’s important for you about your local hospital please email us at
We will be gathering together all of the comments we receive and using them to help inform and shape the Trust’s proposals. All ideas and observations must be returned to us by October 9.

Join our Public Reference Group!

As we proceed with the hospital redevelopment there will be key points at which we will be seeking the views and inputs of local people on issues such as wayfinding, car parking and travel plans for example.

If you would like to get more involved and receive updates on progress please express your interest by emailing us on

Artist impression of our new Urgent Care Hub
Artist impression of our new Urgent Care Hub