KGH Charity Fund now under the umbrella of Northamptonshire Health Charity

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You should only come to A&E in an emergency or life-threatening situation. Please help our staff to focus on our patients who need us most. If it is not an emergency we won't be able to see you and you will be redirected to NHS111 or other local services.
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About the Charity

What We Do and Why

Northamptonshire Health Charity is the registered charity for Kettering General Hospital (KGH), Northampton General Hospital (NGH) and Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (NHFT). 
Our mission is to make things better for patients, their families and staff.  We provide funding for equipment, research, training and all of those extras that help to comfort people when in hospital.

Beyond the NHS

We raise funds for projects and services which are outside of what the NHS provides.  Thanks to the generous support of our fundraisers and donors we can make projects happen sooner and to a greater degree than might have been possible.

Who We Help

We help the health and wellbeing of the patients of KGH, NGH and NHFT.

How We Help

We provide funding for state-of-the-art equipment, new facilities, training for staff, research and all the important little extras that improve patient experience.
Visit Northamptonshire Health Charity for more information about the charity, news of our achievements and the many ways you can get involved to support KGH.

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By helping today, you may be helping a loved one tomorrow