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Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To be recognised as a charity that goes the extra mile for local healthcare.
Mission: To raise funds to help improve the experience of patients, their families, visitors and staff at Kettering General Hospital and its peripheral sites by enhancing patient care and facilities.
Kettering General Hospital has been proudly serving its local community for over 150 years. Like most hospitals, its undergone a great deal of change and continually develops in order to keep up with the growing size and healthcare needs of its local community.
Through our taxes we pay for the NHS, however funding only stretches so far. Although we can be incredibly proud of our health service, we can’t sit back and say our work is done, there's no more room for improvement. Due to the nature of the healthcare service, there will always be room for improvement and ways we can enhance the care and experience we provide to the public. This is largely due to the ongoing speed of development and progress of services, medical equipment, facilities and even staff training. Unfortunately, no amount of money will ever be enough to keep up with this. However, this is where KGH Charity Fund comes in.
We aim to raise as much money as we can to pay for the add ons, the extras, the enhancements and other things the Trust simply can’t afford.
Funds we receive can be spend on:
  •  Medical equipment
  • Creature comforts
  • Environmental improvements and improved facilities
  • Research
  • Staff training and development
While many things have changed over the years in terms of medical and technical advancement, one thing that’s remained the same is the generosity of our supporters. Every donation is warmly welcomed and gratefully received. Whether it funds equipment, improve facilities, training or other areas of need, it can make a huge difference, that not only benefits patients now, but future generations.

Our Fundraising Team

If you would like to support us, wish to discuss your fundraising ideas or have any general charity enquiries, our friendly team would love to hear from you!
General Enquiries
Call: 01536 491076
Christina Kelly
Christina Kelly
Fundraising Manager
Tel: 01536 491569
Jayne Chambers
Jayne Chambers
Head of Strategic Corporate and Community Fundraising (Twinkling Stars Project Lead)
Tel: 01536 491375
Alice Power
Alice Power
Fundraising Administrator
Tel: 01536 491076


Our Charitable Funds Committee

As a registered charity we have a group of individuals (jointly know as the Charitable Funds Committee) who are responsible for overseeing the charity and all its activities. They meet quarterly to consider plans for the charity, ensure good governance is implemented and that expenditure complies with charity standards.
This committee is chaired by a Non-Executive Director (Janet Gray) and membership is made up of Board Directors from Kettering General Hospital Charity Fund and Non Executive Directors. Also in attendance are members of the Fundraising, Finance and Communications Team.
Kettering General Hospital Charity Fund Committee:
Janet Gray (Chair)
Nicci Briggs
Mark Smith
Richard Apps
Phil Harris-Bridge
Dr Rabia Imtiaz
Alice Cooper
Mo Latiff

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By helping today, you may be helping a loved one tomorrow Matthew White, Fundraiser