The Treatment Centre

Operating to the highest standards

Kettering General Hospital’s Treatment Centre provides the best healthcare available for patients undergoing planned short stay surgery.


It has been purpose-built to enable the hospital to perform 85% of its operations on a day case or short stay basis.


This Centre is a modern, clean, efficient and

Treatment Centre

extremely high quality environment.


Three years of meticulous planning, and consultation with patients has resulted in an £18 million facility tailored to the needs of patients and healthcare staff in the 21st century.


The Treatment Centre has:


  • Quiet and comfortable pre-operative assessment rooms where patients are carefully screened to confirm they are well enough to undergo their procedure safely.
  • Four operating theatres equipped to the highest standards
  • 20 trolley beds for patients who will have their treatment and return home within 10 hours of arrival
  • Ten single rooms and three three-bed bays for patients who need to stay in the unit for a maximum of two nights


The Centre also has a Breast Unit which has two separate areas – one for routine breast screening and another for patients who require further investigation or treatment.


Most of the operations at the Treatment Centre are performed using keyhole techniques. This means only small incisions are needed allowing patients to go home on the same day. An additional benefit is that this type of surgery heals quickly enabling a more speedy recovery.


Your first choice for fast, excellent care

We believe Kettering General Hospital’s Treatment Centre should be your first choice for a planned operation or surgical procedure.


Our staff are highly skilled and have many years of clinical experience.


They are professional and friendly and will make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.


Your appointment with us will be agreed in advance and our aim is to have one of the shortest waiting times in the NHS.


The Treatment Centre only offers planned surgery.


What this means is that once scheduled, your appointment will not be cancelled as a result of patients requiring emergency surgery.


Following your surgery you will be discharged within 48 hours (depending on the type of surgery you have), and will have experienced some of the best standards of care in the NHS.