Staying in Hospital

You will be under the care of a consultant and their team.

Your nurse will organise your day care and the ward sister will coordinate the ward activities. Each member of staff will wear a name badge.

A ward round is carried out regularly by doctors but you will not necessarily see your consultant every day.

Please do not leave the ward without telling a member of staff.

Same sex accommodation: Your privacy and dignity is our responsibility.

We aim to care for patients in same sex areas. This means:

  • Wards where men and women are in separate bays or rooms
  • Single rooms
  • Wards where the whole ward is occupied by men or women only

Toilet and washing facilities should be easily accessible and ideally, either inside or next to the ward, bay or room.

There may be occasions when your clinical needs outweigh all else and mixing of the sexes may be unavoidable but this will be the exception (only in the most exceptional circumstances should this exceed 24 hours). Transfer to same sex accommodation will be made as soon as possible.

Patient identification

When you are admitted to hospital, the nurse will put a band on your wrist which shows your name, date of birth and hospital number. If you have any allergies you will be given a red wristband.

For safety reasons it is extremely important that you do not remove this wristband while you are a patient in the hospital.

When you receive any medication or infusion (for example a blood transfusion) the nurse will check your wristband to ensure you are receiving the treatment prescribed for you. If the wristband is accidentally removed, please ask a nurse to replace it immediately.

Meals and Beverages

Patient Meal Service

Each day you will be given a menu card from which you can choose your meals. There is always a choice of vegetarian, gluten free, low fat and diabetic dishes on the menu card. Meals to suit dietetic, religious or cultural needs are available upon request. If you require a special diet you may be referred to the dietetics department who will be able to offer further advice.

Food Allergies/Food Intolerance - Please advise the ward staff if you have any food allergies or food intolerances.

It is not possible to store a patient’s own food in ward refrigerators due to Food Hygiene Regulations. Therefore, please ask relatives not to bring in food apart from confectionery, biscuits, cakes or fruit. If for any reason other food is brought in, then permission must be obtained from the ward sister.


Refreshments are available in a number of areas.  Please ask a member for further information.


You will have been asked to bring in any medicines that you take including any over the counter medicines or complementary medicines.  Please check with the ward staff about self-medication arrangements.

Medical Certificates

Any certificates you need will be supplied at the time.

Patients with Hearing Difficulties

If you wear a hearing aid or have hearing difficulties, please tell the nurses and doctors looking after you and advise them on how best they should communicate with you.

Fire Precautions

The hospital and grounds are checked regularly in relation to fire precautions and arrangements for evacuation, should the need arise. Staff attend regular training in fire prevention, fire action procedures, rescue and evacuation. The fire alarm system is checked every week.

You can help us to keep the hospital safe by:

  • Knowing the internal emergency phone number for fire is 333

  • Knowing where the nearest fire alarm call point is

  • Reading the fire action notices so you know what to do in case of fire.

  • Keeping bed space clear

  • Do not use electrical items unless they have been checked by the hospital’s electricians.

  • Not smoking in the hospital buildings or grounds

  • Speak to ward staff if you have any concerns.

Transfer to other Wards

While you are in hospital and particularly if you are admitted as an emergency, you may need to be moved to another ward as your treatment progresses. This is to enable more seriously ill patients to be cared for in an area most appropriate to their condition. Your new ward will follow the care plan agreed for you by your own doctor. Ward staff will let relatives know if you are going to a different ward.


If you have any comments about the standard of cleanliness in the hospital, please tell your nurse immediately. This will help us to deal with any problem as quickly as possible.

Medical Information

If you are worried, in pain or in discomfort, please let the staff on the ward know. If you would like to know more about your treatment, the doctors and nursing staff responsible for your care will be happy to discuss your treatment with you. If you wish, they will keep relatives or carers informed about your progress.