Staying in Hospital

Patient identification

When you are admitted, the nurse will put a band on your wrist which shows your name, date of birth and Hospital number. If you have any allergies you will be given a red wristband.  For safety reasons it is extremely important that you do not remove this wristband whilst you are a patient in the hospital.   If the wristband is accidentally removed, please ask a nurse to replace it immediately.

Meals and Beverages

A choice of cereals, porridge, and toast with jam or marmalade is available for breakfast which is served on the ward. Each day you will be given a menu card, from which you can choose your lunch and supper.  If you require a special diet you may be referred to the dietetics department who will be able to advise.  There is always a choice of vegetarian dishes on the menu card.  Meals to suit dietetic, religious or cultural needs are available upon request.  Hot drinks are provided at regular intervals throughout the day by the ward staff.

Mealtimes are as follows:

Breakfast   7.30 - 8.30am

Lunch         Noon - 1.30pm

Supper       4.30 - 6.00pm


Owing to Health Regulations, it is not possible for patients’ own food to be stored in refrigerators at this hospital.  Due to Food Hygiene Regulations, please ask relatives not to bring in foods other than confectionery, biscuits, cakes, fruit, and fruit juices.  If for any reason other food is brought in, permission must be obtained from the ward sister.

Fire Precautions

The hospital and grounds are checked regularly in relation to fire precautions and arrangements for evacuation, should the need arise. Staff attend regular training in fire prevention, fire action procedures, rescue and evacuation. The fire alarm system is checked every week.

You can help us to keep the hospital safe by:

  • Knowing the internal emergency phone number for fire is 333

  • Knowing where the nearest fire alarm call point is

  • Reading the fire action notices so you know what to do in case of fire.

  • Keeping bed space clear

  • Do not use electrical items unless they have been checked by the hospital’s electricians.

  • Not smoking in the hospital buildings or grounds

  • Speak to ward staff if you have any concerns.

Transfer to other Wards

While you are in hospital you may need to be moved from one ward to another or to another area on your ward as your treatment progresses.  This may be to enable more seriously ill patients to be cared for in an area most appropriate to their condition or, if the Hospital is full to capacity, to allow the unloading of ambulances. Any such moves will be agreed with a consultant, and will not affect your clinical care. Your new ward will follow the care plan agreed for you by your own doctor. Ward staff will let relatives know if you are going to a different ward.

Medical Information

If you are worried, in pain or in discomfort, please let the ward staff know. Doctors and nurses are always ready to discuss your treatment with you. If you wish, they will keep relatives informed about your progress. Your medical information is, however, strictly confidential and will not be passed on to anyone with out your permission, except your GP.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service during your stay please ask to speak to the ward manager.