For Patients

Our Patient Promise

‘we will always treat you as an individual, always working together, always there for you, always caring for you, and always improving’.

Who's Who on the wards

Consent to treatment

‘Consent’ is a patient’s agreement for a health professional to provide care. You may consent verbally or non-verbally (for example by presenting your arm to have your pulse or blood pressure taken or in writing).

Further information on consent and what you have the right to expect is available on the Department of Health website - www.dh.gov.uk  under ‘Patient consent to treatment’.

You have a right to withdraw from treatment at any time, even after you have signed a form. It is your decision. Please ask as many questions as you like if you have any concerns.


You may be asked if you would like to take part in research, a clinical trial or to be examined by a medical student. If you agree to take part in a clinical trial you will be asked to sign a consent form which will also be explained to you.  You have the right to refuse or withdraw from a trial at any time, without it affecting your treatment. For further information please see Patient information and health and care research (Health Research Authority website)


Patient Advice & Liaison (PALS) 

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) are focused on improving service to patients. They will:

  • Offer advice and support to patients, their families and carers.
  • Provide information on NHS services.
  • Listen to your concerns, suggestions or queries.

If you have any problems which the ward staff are unable to resolve or you wish to speak to someone not directly involved with your care, PALS staff may be able to help.

They can be contacted in a number of ways:

  • Ask a member of staff to contact the PALS office and someone will visit you on the ward.
  • You or a relative may visit the PALS office, located in the Main Entrance Reception area.
  • Telephone the PALS office on 01536 493305
  • Email to  pals@kgh.nhs.uk
  • Write to: PALS, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Rothwell Road, Kettering, NN16 8UZ.


Medical Records

Any information relating to your health is strictly confidential. Staff that have access to medical records are obliged to maintain confidentiality.


Accessing your medical record

To access your Medical Records you need to contact the Data Protection Office within the medical records department, who will send you the necessary form in which you can apply for access to your records. Once the form has been completed and returned to the Data Protection Office it will then be processed under the Data Protection Act procedures.


Copy of notes charge

The maximum charge for receiving copy notes is £50, but you will be informed of the exact amount once the request is processed. Payment is required at this point prior to any copy notes being released.


Viewing your notes

If you wish to view your notes you need to follow the same procedure of requesting, completing and returning the Data Protection form, stating that you wish to view the notes. An appointment will then be arranged with the Medical Records Manager for the viewing of the notes. This is free of charge, but if you require any copies from your notes then you will be charged as explained under the Data Protection Act.


Deceased persons' notes

If copy notes are being requested on a person who is deceased then the maximum of £50 does not apply. The details are explained on the Data Protection form. Please contact the Data Protection office, within Medical Records, who will answer any questions you may have.


Tel:  01536 492412 or 01536 491526

Fax: 01536 485431 


E-mail: dataprotection@kgh.nhs.uk


Overseas Patients

If you are visiting this country and are admitted to hospital, payment may be required for your health care and you will be asked to complete the necessary forms. Payment for treatment will need to be made before leaving the hospital.

Interpreting Services 

We offer a 24 hour telephone interpreting service if your first language is not English.  Please ask a member of staff for details.

Being Open

This hospital operates a ‘Being Open’ policy. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, staff will give you an explanation of what has happened as soon as possible and advise you of further action to be taken.