KGH A&E consultant at has written a book - You Can't Park There!

Tony Bleetman
Tony Bleetman
                                                              Date: 15.08.12

An A&E consultant at Kettering General Hospital has written a book – currently doing well on Amazon – about the highs and lows of a volunteer air ambulance emergency responder.


Dr Tony Bleetman, the Clinical Director for Urgent Care at KGH, has spent 10 years of his 16 year career in A&E medicine working in his own time saving lives with various air ambulance services – including the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.


You Can't Park There! is the first ever behind-the-scenes account of life onboard an air ambulance. Lorry crashes, open-heart surgery, stab wounds, headless chickens, and mating llamas - it's all in a day's work for emergency doctor Tony Bleetman and his team.

Dr Bleetman said: “The idea behind the book was to show what it is really like dealing with the extremely fast-moving world of air ambulance medicine.

“The air ambulances that run across Britain are funded by voluntary contributions and work in close co-operation with the NHS, police, ambulance and other emergency services.

“I hope my book shows people how important this work is – but also looks at the lighter side - the incredible characters and the sometimes hilarious circumstances surrounding this kind of medicine.

“And of course the unique experience you gain from this has helped me to work with my colleagues here at KGH and ensure that our A&E department is literally ready for anything.”

The books shows how whether they are landing in the middle of the M1 or at a maximum security jail, Tony and his crew Helimed 999 are the first on the scene in the most critical of emergencies.

All-in-all Dr Bleetman has clocked up many hundreds of flying hours as a volunteer air ambulance doctor.


He said: “All in all I think the early work we did in air ambulances paved the way for the modern air ambulance response service which saves so many lives each year by being at the scene of accidents in a very short time.


“This is the ‘golden hour’ which can be the difference between life and death for people involved in serious accidents.


“But the book is also a chronicle of some the amazing, amusing and thought provoking things that happen to people when they are doing this vitally important work.”


You Can't Park There! - On Amazon